A bit about Greg and Twilla

For Gregory Shimizu, the Seeds of Booming Tree Taiko Duo, were planted in 1975, as a child when he saw Japan's first taiko supergroup Ondekoza (Kodo emerged from this group) play in Edmonton. Then, in the 1980's Greg's Father, Dr. Henry Shimizu, arranged to have a taiko group from Seattle perform at the Japan Pavillion at (the 3rd ever) Edmonton's Heritage Festival and host them at his family home. Through showcasing taiko Dr.Shimizu inspired the Japanese community to organize a taiko workshop and provide funding for its own community group - which Greg joined. In fact, after serving 20+ years he became the longest running member to ever leave the community group. In 2010 Booming Tree was created to be Alberta's first professional Taiko group and to take taiko to their next level of performance, collaboration, innovation and teaching.

Twilla MacLeod has over 20 years of experience performing in various disciplines. She is an award-winning actress and an active participant in the Edmonton arts scene as an actor, playwright and musician.

Twilla's recent theatre credits include Blarney Productions' 2015 run of Mote by Jose Teodoro, as well as Craig Wright's Orange Flower Water, for which she was awarded a Sterling. Other productions include Dave Clarke'sSongs for Caligari  at the 2010 Edmonton Fringe Festival, and Trunk Theatre's production of Sailor's Song.