Booming Tree on Video
Promotional videos, commercial work, concert highlights and community workshop clips from local TV coverage.

Ten Videos showing the range of work we take taiko! we hope you enjoy- Greg and Twilla

We Are Booming Tree (1min 45sec): our new promo video that shows just some of work from 2010-2013.

Sound is Energy: The Best of Booming Tree (5 min): a longer video that also shows collaborative projects from 2010-2013.

Commercial(30sec): Feel the Beat in Edmonton, a 2013 Travel Alberta release with Booming Tree (a former collaborative project we created, PULSE, now continuing under the name 'Booming Tree Collective'). It features one of Booming Tree's original compositions (recorded live and edited for this commercial) The song is called Heart-Beat-Boom.

Commercial (1min 30sec): Roland Canada, That's Twilla singing and a few shots of us from when we were on an 18 city North American tour with iVardensphere. Greg is using his LED 'Jedi' taiko bachi he made. We also appear (recorded taiko) in another iVardensphere song 'Ancients' (also on youtube). We appear on their albums Bloodwater(taiko) and Methuselah (voice and an adaptaion of our song 'Invocation')

Commercial (1min 20sec): Opening Segment for International Broadcast of the Canadian Derby, featuring slow motion taiko, shot with the same super slow motion cameras used at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Filmed and produced by Calgary's White Iron Productions for Horse Racing Alberta.

Booming Tree's Flying Drum performance at the Calgary Stampede's Nightly Grandstand Show - World Party. We re-built the five foot drum heads for this show, and are using "jedi" taiko sticks that we designed and built, which produce the red light-drum sticks you see. 10 shows with audiences up to 20,000 a night. Sadly the drum was destroyed in the Calgary flood of 2013 while in storage.

Christmas Taiko: including the Mayor, Santa's official arrival to Edmonton, the lighting of the giant tree in front of City Hall and fireworks! Our 3rd time drumming in this great holiday event.

Commercial: We also appear very briefly in the 2012 Travel Alberta international TV commercial "Remember to Breathe-There Is", featuring the beautiful landscapes of Alberta.( at about 1:20)

A collaborative performance between Booming Tree Taiko and VibeTribe's Marissa Puff. Filmed and edited by Puff Studios.Shot at Vibe Tribe's sold out production 'Luminos'

 "Together we Drum" A School Show Record in Canada (and possibly North America). Booming Tree Teaching to 500+ students. We also had our taiko friends Hibikiya Taiko, Global Drums percussion and Midnight Taiko help us with drums, costumes and helpers during the all day event. CTV also did a news story that day. We ended the day with 500+ students, staff and taiko people playing all at ONCE to a fable we had written.